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GEN 2 Installation Instructions

Please read and follow instructions carefully.

* Ensure you have a good ground and clean all contacts when installing.

* Thermalblade is designed for 12 volt automotive use only. Any other power source could damage the element and could result in damage to the vehicle or serious injury and will void the warranty.

* Thermalblade is designed to work with your vehicle's defroster system. It will NOT remove ice from the windshield but will keep the wiper blade free from ice and snow. Allow Thermalblade to warm up and thaw away from frozen windshield.

Installation time is approximately 1/2hr on most vehicles.

There are different adapters available to add a fused circuit to an existing existing fuse. 

Please ensure you use the correct type of fuse before installing

The wiring of the Thermalblades requires basic mechanical skills.  

Please follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Attach Thermalblades to the wiper arms using the univeral adapter.
  • 2. Feed the ground wire and power wire from the Thermalblades into the engine compartment.
  • 3. Wire tie the wire on the underside of the wiper arm
  • 4. Leave a little slack at the wiper arm pivot point...don't pull the wires tight
  • 5. Using wire ties, layout your wires in the engine compartment bring both wires as close to the power source as possible and attach to a common wire that would be part of an inline fuse.
  • 6. Remove the lid of the fuse box, located in the engine compartment, and locate a mini fuse which is powered when the vehicle's key is on. If you use a remote starter, locate a fuse with power only when the vehicle is running.
  • 7. Remove the fuse you have found.
  • 8. Use a Fuse adapter clip (add-a-circuit) in order to access the power and plug the fuse back in as shown below.
  • 9. Use an inline fuse to carry the load of the heating element. a 7.5 amp fuse would be sufficient for carrying the load of any size pairs of Thermalblades.
  • 10. Ground the black wire to a solid metal part of the vehicle. (locate a factory body ground for best results)
  • 11. Close the lid of the fuse box. Wire tie any excess wires. Keep away from heat sources or moving parts.
  • 12. Close the hood and wait for freezing conditions to watch the Thermalblade free itself from ice and frost and eliminate ice and snow build up while driving. Remember, the thermostat will not heat the element unless the outside temperature is below 5 degrees celsius.
  • 13. Allow approximately 1-2 minutes for the Thermalblade to heat up to maximum temperature.
  • 14. Enjoy safe driving!
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