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Thermalblade Heated Wiper Blades for Vehicles

Thermalblade Canada west is western Canada's distributor of Thermalblade LLC.

Dealer inquiries welcome. Tiered pricing available for dealers and resellers.  

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Thermalblade LLC

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The GEN-3 Thermalblade package is sold as a set of two heated blades, our patented electronic Wiper Control Module (WCM), and a wiring harness. The WCM switches on or off automatically. 

The WCM is mounted under the hood of the vehicle, truck or equipment, and can be wired directly to the battery. 2 wires will go to each of the blades, and a thermister to read the outside temperature. This completely bypasses all vehicle electronics for easy installation. 

The GEN-3 Thermalblade heated squeegee is also replaceable with an unheated squeegee for summer use. 

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Patented Heated Safety Wiper Blade made in the USA!

The Low Profile blade was introduced in the fall of 2013. It features an Air Spoiler that keeps the blade firmly on the windshield while driving at higher speeds.

THERMALBLADE Silicone Safety Blade is a year round wiper blade with a special heated element for safe winter driving. Fits trucks, cars, vans, buses, construction equipment, snow removing equipment, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances or anything with a wiper blade

*Silicone Wiper Blade (lasts up to 3 times longer than standard rubber blades)

*Long lasting flex frame - yearly maintainence is inexpensive and easy

*Element is easily removed for squeegee blade replacement at a fraction of the cost

*Automatically heats when freezing conditions exist and tested to work at -40 celsius!

*Thermostatically controlled for the correct temperature (0 celsius and below)

*Increased visibility for safer winter driving conditions

*Stays pliable and conforms to windshield when heated in cold temperatures

*Safety to drivers and reduces stress

*Eliminates snow and ice buildup on the wiper while driving

*No harm to vehicle's electrical system draws less than 4 amps per blade

*Easy to follow step by step installation instructions

*Universal Adapter will fit on over 93% of today's vehicles!

*Sizes from 12" to 28" 

Featured on Motorhead Garage

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